The Orc Wars have ended… at last. For the human population it had been going on for well over a generation. No young adult, or even middle aged adult can remember a time without war. Many have seen three generations fight the hoard in dismal and bloody battle. Some thrived, others died and a much smaller number, of a certain generation and age, profited greatly due to prowess, intellect and luck. As the adage says, “timing is”, in fact “everything”. Of these, some; all of them footsore bruised and weary, sought out one of the few free cities which still stood, to do something they had always sought, but never been able to do. Relax, smile, and have fun…

South southwest from the Great Sky mountains lies the kingdom of Komusidia which reaches to the Brine Sea.

Water deep and skye mountains

There lies the Free Island City of San Cornaceae.

San cornaceae

Many of the fighters, mercenaries, sell-spells and shy-locks came here after the fighting dwindled. Weapons notched and sharpened, armor pitted and scarred, but with burgeoning pockets full of gems and gold.

While few have actually adventured together several of you have been carousing around the city quite a bit. You’ve found you share some of the same likes and dislikes. During dinner at a quiet eatery one evening, one of the other patrons, overhearing some small part of your conversation, suggested you look into the accommodations at an establishment by the name of “The Pampered Traveler”, stating that “It is, in this city burgeoning with ruffians, the only place to stay”.

Having looked into its more than meager offerings, you found it much more civilized and to your liking than the dives and common houses you’d stayed in, in the Adventurer’s Quarter, within “The Market District”.

Since your previous adventures during the war were successful, and quite lucrative, you moved your growing amount of belongings there and for the past fortnight have resided in the elegant splendor of The Pampered Traveler.

The rooms you’ve each acquired are quite opulent, the hospitality suite you all decided to procure and share in on has given your troupe a wonderful venue for entertaining. Something which you have done upon Feastday, twice. The last time you did so, you invited the owner of the Pampered Traveler himself.

As a token of his appreciation, he in turn asked you to join him for an evening out. Stating he had managed to secure exclusive tickets to the “Theatre’ Theater”, and its production of “The Andalusian Czar”.

In meeting and discussion it was decided to meet him at a nearby pub he suggested, by the name of “The Blue Mermaid” which stands next door to the theater, near the corner of Coach St. and Carters Way at the appointed time of 6 bells, for tea and light refreshments.

The performance itself beginning promptly at sunset. (approximately 7:30.)

San cornaceae by night

A coin for the Talleyman

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