A coin for the Talleyman

Down by the Seaside

A bit before noon, three of your “Enclave”…

Turtle man

Soupy, The Tarrapman Priest,

Legend of nereid 1248788

#%^&*$%&*<$%&%, The Fighting Brigand


Dwarf priest

Delala Ovjak, The Dwarven Magic User,

Set out for lunch in the Dock Ward, thinking to afterward, pass by the upcoming meeting spot so as to be able to find it with no issue later this evening.

Ships wheel tavern

The Boduccio’s Restaurantis a fine dining establishment right on the Docks of Waterdeep. The prices are high and the view magnificent. There are three walls of windows that allow patrons to lookout onto the harbour while they eat. Boduccio’s specializes in fresh Seafood and fine wines.
Vincelli Boduccio is the owner of this fair establishment. He came here to escape the ravages of the Orc wars and regain his former wealth. At one time he owned large amounts of vineyards.

Vincelli is very charming and courteous, especially with the noble women of San Cornaceae. He is also an expert on wines and while he maintains an air of nobility about him, Vincelli often brings food to Waterdeep’s homeless.

Your tab paid, you stroll along the seaside on Dock St. until you turn toward the Castle Ward upon High St. turning up Carters Way at the Theatre` Theater and passing by the Blue Mermaid on your way back to the Castle Ward and the Pampered Traveler.

As you passed by said Blue Mermaid, the brigand was stopped short by an elf, Red of skin hair and eyes, who thrust into her hand a scroll, whose runes were drawn in fine hand upon a smooth skin parchment.

Whispering a few words to her he turned disappearing quickly around the corner you’d just come past.

As he did so in the center of the street before you

Gith portal

A Portal formed into being.

From it stepped a Githyanki warrior. Snarling a question “Where is the Trickster”, eyes narrowing he growls “Give me what he stole, give it to me, give me that which he gave you” then with a gesture he Ordered his minions to attack the battle began.

While the vanquishing these foe-men was no easy task, the Githyanki himself proved to be even less-so. Even with him taking out some of his own mercenaries in his hast to extinguish all life from you. However, it was accomplished and they were dispatched in good order, by blade, spell and much to the chagrin of the other party members, a wondrous dwarf wielded wand.

Questioned by a landing Griffon Rider, an elite member of the city guard, you were allowed to by your leave and continue back to the Traveler.

Some few blocks further on, you were accosted by an Invisible Stalker who died at your hands with hardly a delay and you returned butterflied, scorched and bruised back to the Pampered Traveler.



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