A coin for the Talleyman

Pantheon of the Deities

A Children’s Rhyme

See the tortoise of enormous girth!
On his shell he holds the worlds.
His thought is slow but always kind;
He holds us all within his mind.
On his back all vows are made;
He sees the truth but mayn’t aid.
He loves the land and loves the sea,
And even loves a child like me."


~ Excerpt from the Dictates of Krenda~

  • ~Temple of the One True Way~*

The Deities of the planet are many and diverse.
Major Gods known by many different names, as described by the many different races and sects which worship them. These alignment Gods are supplemented in turn by many Minor Deities, who for the most part are known only by one or two names. So whereas In case of the Major God of LN may be known by a hundred different names across the planes, they would all essentially refer to the same exact entity. In cases of Minor Deities, if their are a hundred different names, their possibly are a hundred different deities being referred to.

These minor deities are the offspring of the major deities they represent.

The Major Deities, Gods, are children as well. They are the children of UR.

UR was and is the first God. His very thought brought into existence his children as his thoughts touched upon the different paths of what we refer to as alignment. Springing into existence representative of a particular line of thought.

During this time there were no Planes, only the Maelstrom in which the children of UR played schemed, cavorted, bickered, and of course fought.

After an eternity of this UR tired of the constant upheaval and desired nothing more than a bit of quiet peace.

To wit in a wish for respite he separated the elements of the Maelstrom one from another Creating Planes of existence.

This is known and referred to as “The Divine Separation”.

Among these Gods, these “Children of UR” were some and myriad who through sly evasion were not accommodated by the “Divine Separation” and whose only desire is to undo the separation of the planes and to restore the Maelstrom.

This restoration of the Maelstrom is referred to as “The Gathering”.

These "Children of UR’ are known as “The IL”.

While UR slumbers the separation of the planes continues undisturbed. His awakening would dash this asunder and his great dream of “Time” be undone.

There exists a Tortoise of infinite size and girth, drifting through the non time space of the Verge. This Verge is the Outer edges of the known and unknown planes of existence. The outer fringes if you will. As it glides with infinite speed and slowness, upon its back slumbers UR dreaming his dream of Time and Space. This Tortoise is known as “Tarkarus of the Infinite Planes”.
Upon its back UR is mantled by a blanket of Mythril strands. Upon these strands travel the known galaxies. These strands are tended by The Harn", Shepherds of the Mythril flock, from whose flocking wool is spun the filament strands which hold the worlds from the malice of the IL, and keep deeply insulated in peaceful isolation, the sleeping father of all the gods UR.

A Saying of Sigil
Riding upon the tortoise of enormous girth,
On his shell rests all the worlds.
If you want to run and play,
Come along the BEAM today.
Our Lady of Pain



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