A coin for the Talleyman

The Pampered Traveler

Known throughout the kingdom of Komusidia, and by seasoned continental travelers throughout the civilized world, the Pampered Traveler offers one of most memorable accommodations to those on holiday who want their lodgings to be several cuts above the norm.

The Pampered Traveler is an inn located in Castle Ward, of San Cornaceae.
With large, conical-roofed, many-windowed turrets at its either end, it stands like an exotic castle, dark but somehow inviting, on the northeast corner of the meeting of Selduth Street and the Street of Bells.

Room rates here run from 6 gp to 12 gp/night, depending on the room you choose.
Bottomless Mug 4 gp/ale, 4-20 gp/wine.

The Pampered Traveler’s name sets high expectations, and they are not disappointed. Servants conduct you to your large and well-furnished rooms, and come within breaths if you ring for them. Each room has a bell pull by the door.

On the main floor is a huge smoking room with a roaring hearth full of old, soft, vast armchairs that can easily swallow up smaller visitors, a gaming room, and three small, private meeting rooms for the use of guests. There is also, surprisingly, a library filled with books hand-copied by the staff and a reading table with a glass top, under which can be seen as full and complete a map of the known Realms’ as far west as the Myst Islands, as far east as the isles of the Sargasso sea, and as far south as the Dragonspine, as seen anywhere.

The proprietor is keenly interested in exploration. Present in the library along with a chapbook put out by the Merchants’ League describing mapping of the trade routes linking the known lands. There are even copied letters from sea captains who have reached uncharted lands far away across the seas.

All of the guests are welcome to read— – though posted upon the entrance: Anyone who departs with as much as a single page would be pursued by the master of the house until he separated the thief from his head! It is also known that staying free at the inn for as much as a cycle of Mirro is the exchange for gifting the proprietor with an un-held or particular highly valued book.

The gnomish owner of the establishment, one Rassen Snaffer, guildmaster of the Fellowship of Innkeepers, believes that one is entitled to have ones stay be posh and elegant.

The multi- racial servants are friendly, brilliantly helpful and charming. As well as intelligent clean, and polite.

The rooms and suites are anything but simple and include just about every frill imaginable as well as all of the essentials. The setting is superb. The views from the breakfast terrace start you off every day with a burst of pleasure. Good selection of continental nosh, all fresh of course.

The Pampered Traveler is simply one of the most beautifully spoilt experiences imaginable. Spot on immaculate.



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