Reinier Savvas

Apostate of the church of abba


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Age: 39
Height/Weight: 5"9’ 165lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Class: Cleric
Deity: None (Arcanist)

Armor: None
Weapon: None

Magic Items:
The Signet Ring of Afer The Condemned:
This is a large gold ring, blackened in placed by the fire that took Afer’s life. It is in the shape of the Ouroboros.
Ring of Mind Shielding (Page 21)

The Bracers of Saint Larantor:
Holy relics of the church of abba these bracers are made out of platinum and gold with a scene of Larantor smiting the enemies of the church. It is said to hold a locket of the Saints hair forever preserved in the bracers.
Bracers Of Defense (Page 25)

A raven haired man in his late 30’s, normally seen wearing what would appear to be vestments or a robe of a priestly order though it is not of any church that seems to be recognizable. He is normally seen in the library of The Pampered Traveler where he spends almost all of his waking time working. He can also be seen discussing with Rassen Snaffer in regards to the preservation and collection of books. He can also be found outside on occasion with a strange brass and crystal device that he activates and allows a light from the machine to shine on his person.

His study in particular seems to be in regards to religions of the plane. He is very interested in information about the deification of gods and place of signification divine activity.

He has also often been seen talking to himself, often congenially, but sometimes in heated argument pacing back and forth in the library.

DC 10: Reinier is currently out of favor or is no longer a priest of a major religion.

DC 15: Reinier is currently in exile in this city as he can not go back to the religious institute that he was a member of.

DC 20: Reinier was previously a cleric of abba but has been excommunicated from the church for heresies against the church.

DC 25: Reinier is in the possession of a number of unique books which he has been collecting over time that he has been separated from his previous line of work. Some of these works are said to be works that were thought to be destroyed entirely by certain religions for their heretical nature.

DC 30: Even though Reinier seems to have broken ties with all forms of god, he still seem to be able to gain divine power. This is disturbing to a number of different churches in partcular the One True Way and the Church of Abba who he has some connection from both. Also it is rumoured that he begged the national assembly of Abba to turn away from their god and for this he has been excommunicated.


“How can we say that AbbA is good and loving if he allows thousands to die at the hand of the Orcs? If AbbA is such a powerful god how can he allow all those innocent people die at the hands of the Orcs? Father, please help me…”

The questions continued on and on in his head that he had heard from the frontlines for the many years that he had heard them. This had been the starting place for his revelation, the revelation that would change everything.

He had been on the frontline comforting the sick for an extended amount of time (a service of three years was considered long and he had taken two terms) until he had been forcibly recalled to the to answer his crimes of heresy. All he had done was give comfort to dying soldiers and for this he was branded a heretic! I was humiliated in front of my brothers, striped of my priestly orders and lowered to novice to “once again learn what it is to be in communion with AbbA’s will”.

Even though this was an awful time it did lead to opportunities that would not have had otherwise. I was sent into the bowels of the cathedral to sort through the thousands of crumbling texts that had been written and forgotten. It was here that I found many texts that had been hidden away, texts that talked of men becoming gods; of heresies not just to AbbA but to many other gods as well. I pored through these text that brought me to one final conclusion: The gods were not be worshiped, they were in fact greedy with their power desperately trying to enforce codes of worship to keep a powerbase in place that had been for many generations.

And what of this power that they offered to the faithful to their clergy? Was this not proof of their transcendence? It was in the texts of Afer del Tramentor that I found many answers. He had been burned at the stake in accordance with church law some 400 years ago and his texts had thought to have all been destroyed except I discovered a copy buried beneath a large pile of parchment, perfectly preserved. What this book told me was how to make a device called the “Astrolathe”. He had never built one only having time to write down what many had thought was madness but I had perfected it, cutting myself off from my gods power entirely.

For four years I studied in the basement of the cathedral absorbing knowledge from all sources I could get a hold of. I even stole into the forbidden section of the main library liberating some text from their as well, texts hidden away by smalled minded men cowering behind the god that they serve.

I knew that this would not be able to continue indefinitely and that one day they would want a report on my progress to reinstate me to my previous office, but I knew now that I could never go back. To this end for months previous to this I smuggled books out of the cathedral and had them stored in safely in a private library of a noble who was sympathetic to my plight. I had done him a service by attending and comforting his dying son and for this he was very grateful.

Before I fled the cathedral to the city that I am now residing in, I revealed to the council what I had discovered and begged them to forsake the gods who would force them into service to their own ends. This was not well received and I barely escaped with my life.

For now though I am free to continue my research, free to not worship those that demand so much for so little in return. One day I will be truly free of them but for now I continue my study…

Long Term Goals:
- Finish his book “The Travesty Of Gods”
- Find a permanent home from his “acquired” heretical texts in particular in reference to deities that transcended from being mortal.

Medium/Short Term Goals
- Continue his studies into Astrology to perfect even further his transference of Divine Energy from the heavens themselves.
- Find more books for his collection including the Book Of Vile Darkness, the Manual Of the Planes and the Book of Ur.

Some of the unique or rare books Reinier has gained in his research and travels.

Power Of The Skies Afer del Tramentor’s final an ultimate work in which he discovered a way of harnessing the energy of the divine without the intervention of gods using an apparatus called the “Astrolathe”.

Tales of the Vulgar Fool This book is considered foul heresy in the eyes of Cuthbertines, particularly the Order of the Stars, who try to suppress it whenever it is encountered. It takes the traditional Cuthbertine parables of the Wise Fool and twists them so that instead of overcoming his problems with common sense, he indulges in thievery and lechery. Non-Cuthbertines see these stories as humorous parodies of uptight Cuthbertine homilies, but the church does not approve. A small minority of the faithful take the Tales of the Vulgar Fool to heart and incorporate their “advice” into their lives, and this is the sort of thing the Order of the Stars tries to stamp out

Scroll of Mauthereign A twisted version of Vecna’s history and tells his followers that committing evil acts is a holy and righteous act.

Reinier Savvas

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