Terramisu (Soupy)

Terrapinian Priest of Father Earth and Mother Ocean


Race: Terrapinian (Tortle)
Class: Cleric
Deity: Father Earth and Mother Ocean (Stormbringer)

Armor: Can’t wear armor

Shield: Composed of scales from some large reptilian creatures set together to give the appearance of a turtle shell. Properties: Dwarven, Symbol of Power, Compass, Warleader, Loud

Weapon: Morningstar composed of a metal shaft set with two turtle figures making the head of the weapon. One shell is crafted from a bluish metal, while the other is streaked with green. Properties: Elemental (water), Prophecy, Lanquage (Primordial), Blissful


As the orc wars spread, combat spilt into many areas that had previously been uninvolved. The Marshes of Chelimber was one such location. Home to various tribes of lizardmen, bullywugs, and tortles, the marshes had largely been ignored.

This changed when the human forces led by the Swamp Fox began to use the swamp as a staging ground to launch attacks on the orcish hordes. The orcs marched on the swamps, killing the inhabitants and the human kingdoms soldiers indiscriminately. A band of tortle adventurers, after seeing the destruction of villages, homes, and hatcheries rallied together the surviving tribes into a guerilla army. Using their knowledge of the environment and their natural adaptations to their marshland home, they struck against the orcs with lightning quick attacks before slipping back into the swamp water.

Over time, the orc horde pulled back to the edges of the marshes due to the steady loss of soldiers. Likewise, the humans and their allies were less forcibly expelled. The Marshes of Chelimber remained so for the duration of the wars, defending their borders from the expansion and exploitations of both sides in the conflict.

During the initial attacks against the orc invaders, a young tortle of 60 years named Terramisu took up arms. Angered by the hatcheries smashed under armored feet, he channeled the pain of Mother Ocean and the rage of Father Earth for the loss of their children. Channeling their power as divine lightning, the cleric served valiantly in the initial repulsion of the orcs and the skirmishes thereafter.

Now that the wars have ended, the races of the Marsh have decided to send out champions of the wars into the world to learn what they can.

Terramisu (Soupy)

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