A coin for the Talleyman

Dragonne Lagoon

Vistani Interlude

Arriving in El Lay

Move quickly to Dragonne Lagoon.

Moving through terrain like a rain forest the party follows the rutted path and eventually presses a large clearing. To the left is the lagoon, to the right the quickly rising mountains. Ahead there is a coconut grove. Scattered among the trees are several dilapidated out-buildings.

The grove was floored with sand. That the group entered from the forest upon was an ebony black. Some 20 yards further was a bridge over a trickling stream. On the far side of this bridge the sand changed abruptly to a snowy white sand.
At the waters edge of the grove, midway between the creek and the forest on the other side of the grove, stood a few buildings. One was a small square building just uphill from lowest of the palm and coconut trees stands intact.
The largest a 2 story building of about 40 × 40 feet which is partially collapsed. Investigating the area the party follows the trail, obviously a wagon path to the midpoint of the grove. There is splits off to the left, up to a sheer cliff wall, to the right to a collapsing outbuildings beside the larger 2 story building. It also continues on to the far edge of the grove where it circles tightly back upon itself. The tracks that turn off to the shear cliff wall continue to the wall, as if the path may continue under the cliff face.
The cliff face is adorned with masterly etching into the unnaturally smooth face. The face is a flat and smooth polished surface. The scenery is of columns and trees chiseled into the rock depicting a large array of plants, and trees. The plants are not tropical plants, however, neither are the trees. They are more similar to the lands of the north. Old growth trees, oak, pine, pecan, and elm. The plants, ivies, tulips, lilies, and roses. All depicted with expert rendition. These carvings in the rock continue all the way up to the top of the vertical wall. On either side of this surface are rounded column looking carvings of large diameter and mighty oaks. Rough bark chiseled deep into the rock, winding round these are vines of the grape, bearing fruit.

There is no describable break in the wall whatsoever. No switch nor trigger mechanism.

However, several members of the party were searching back up the cart path and found a wedge shaped outcropping in the middle of one of the ruts which appears to be of a manufactured shape. They also found that no matter how they tried their weights were not enough to depress the device.

The party then began to investigate the outbuilding and discovered that under the collapsed roof was a wagon.
While searching around for a way to dislodge said wagon from the collapsed roof and walls there began to be heard from the direction of the lagoon loud clicking and snapping noises. Looking in that direction the party saw, climbing from the ocean a near multitude of creatures some 4-6 feet in length and 2-5 feet wide. They bore a direct resemblance to a lobster, only they were of unusual size and girth. The immense claws on them were opening and closing as they advanced, making the snapping sounds. As they came fully onto the sands a new sound began. Up and sown the beach in question and answer came, “Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-chek?” as they moved forward.

The army of Lobstrocities advanced unpausing to the group. They in turn gathered upon the partially collapsed building, the singular place within the grove which offered any describable cover. While hard pressed and bloodied the group dispatched the whole of the lobstrocities. Leaving them crushed skewered and broken upon the sands surrounding the collapsed building. 3 of these monsters are still quivering, and overturned, in the throes of impending death…



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