Caelia Xiloscient

The snooty elf with the goods...


Race: Elven
Age: 227
Class: Druid
Deity: Nature

Armor: Elven Mithril chainmail +2 (Family heirloom passed down over the last 5,000 years)
Shield: None

Weapon: Blissful, perfect +1 Elven longbow of prophesy


The only child born to Arannis Xiloscient, king of the Loridell Wood Elves, Caelia is a princess by birth. The ancient scrolls told of an elven babe that would be born with the mark. The mark would confirm the coming of the one that would save the kingdom from certain destruction.

This mark it was foretold would appear as the sign of the ONE TREE, it’s bole and branches barren, a sign of the coming of winter. The mark she bears matches exactly the royal sigil of her clan. Aside from the fact that the royal crest depicts the tree in full blossom and bloom. As it is woven on the ancient maille she was handed down. And the inlay so finely crafted into the bow she was gifted with, and wields.

From the moment of her birth, she was trained to become a warrior, a healer, and a queen. Her bow was fashioned for her to help her fulfill her life of great purpose. She would have loved nothing more than to stay in her small, yet lovely kingdom, but she could not deny or run from her destiny. When the Orc Wars made their way to her forest home, she knew her time had come. She set out to smite her enemies with the power of nature itself.

Now that the Orc Wars are over and her kingdom is again safe, she felt that she would be free to go home. However, something tells her that it’s not over. There are still things to be done before she can return to rule over her people. She cannot go home yet.

Caelia Xiloscient

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